Relationship Counseling

Relationships have challenges whether they are romantic, platonic or family!  Are you struggling in your relationship and spending more time avoiding interactions, disagreements, and one another?  Do you find yourself shutting down or blowing up because the other individual is just not understanding you?  Do you want to move closer to one another instead of drifting further apart?


“Intimacy From the Inside Out© (IFIO) is a model of therapy that draws primarily from Internal Family System (IFS) model.” IFIO is designed to bring the IFS concepts into a relationship setting.  In IFIO we will examine what seems to be your never ending cycle and interrupt the loop. Our goals is to help each individual understand what is happening for them by co-creating a safe environment in which you can explore difficult feelings and conversations. By examining what happens in your cycle of behavior we teach you to identify patterns, get your needs met, and communicate more effectively.

In my relationship counseling, I help people develop the necessary skills to recognize what is happening for them internally, identify their response to the other’s behaviors, and make decisions to get both individual’s needs met.

If any of the above relate to your and your partner in your relationship, please contact me today to schedule a complimentary consultation to see if our working together can help relieve the pain your are experiencing in your relationship.